Best Solar Lights and Bronze Outdoor Lighting.

This article is about solar lights and bronze outdoor lighting. I’ll give you my opinion on who has the best solar lights and who has the best rounds outdoor lights. But before I do that we will define “best”.

So what is best, when it comes to solar lights? I would have to say good price, bright light, and long battery life. Almost every solar light built today is made up of LED lamps coupled with rechargeable batteries and a solar panel to charge those batteries. So but my definition of best you would want to buy a light with a really bright LED lamps and a good quality rechargeable battery or batteries. There is a scientific definition of brightness. What’s important to understand is that there is a difference between perceived intensity of light and the amount of actual light that falls on a given surface. Two lights can be equally intense but one can be brighter by design.

When choosing the best solar lights one important consideration is the solar panel that charges the batteries. This panel can either be fixed to the light or tethered by wire so that they can be placed away from the light and at a location where it can receive the most sunlight. So I would add the criteria that the light must have a solar panel connected by at least 15 foot of wire to be considered in the “best” category. It’s important to understand that solar charged lights will only be as bright as the batteries are charged. Does that make sense? If your lights run on batteries and your batteries are only half charged then your lights are only going to be half bright.

I always like to talk a little about bronze lighting because bronzes such a popular style of today. Almost all light manufacturers today have some type of bronze style white to offer. Bronze lighting comes in a few standard motifs. There is the oil rubbed bronze look, brushed bronze, and antique bronze to name a few.

So here are a few good choices in no particular order.

The Motion-Activated Solar LED Light from Frontgate (a popular retailer of landscape accessories) is one of the brightest ones available for this type of light.

For illuminating walkways or decks, or for upward accent lighting on trees or signage, small spotlights are perfect. “Do It Best solar lights” turn on automatically at dusk, and the batteries provide up to 10 hours of illumination when fully charged. The lamps are adjustable to direct light where it’s needed, and the small solar panel on tip pivots to maximize sun exposure.

A motion detector light is a great way to light dark corners of your property, but often those out-of-the-way spots don’t have a plug. The Apex Xepa Solar-Powered LED Light uses 45 white LEDs to provide illumination. The polycarbonate housing is weather-resistant, and the light detaches from the mounting plate for handheld use. The solar panel can be mounted up to 15’ away from the light in order to charge the lithium ion battery.

Sometimes homeowners simply need a low-level light to find their way around paces like work sheds or porches. The Designers Edge Solar LED Shed Light uses 3 rechargeable AAA batteries powered by its remote solar panel to power 10 LEDs, and it’s approved for use in damp locations. Reviewers indicate that there are some variations in brightness between different lights, but agree that the amount of light is adequate for smaller indoor spaces. A pull chain switches the light on and off, and users can select “high” (2-hour) or “low” (4-hour) settings.

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