Better To Light A Candle Than Curse The Darkness

Recessed deck lighting is quickly becoming the option of choice for outdoor lighting.  They function well not only on your deck but are becoming more common in driveways and patios. Not only do they increase safety and security, they add a certain “wow” effect to your property.

Outdoor deck lights can be installed directly into the floor of the deck.  This allows people to walk directly over them with no threat of tripping.  Recessed deck lights will also guide you and your guests to or from the house, which subtly moves them around the area.

These lights come in copper, iron and stainless steel.  These choices should blend in well with any decor you choose.  Being recessed, you also don’t need to worry about them being knocked over and broken, as many free-standing lights frequently are.  They come in a variety of colors and shades so they can match any surroundings you desire.

Solar deck lights are becoming the option of choice due to their energy efficiency.  Even on cloudy days most systems will conserve enough power to last several hours at night.  With the rising cost of energy and the desire to go green as much as possible, solar lights are obviously the way to go.

Should you want to do the installation yourself, you will need to do some planning to achieve your desired results.  Make sure to plot out the locations both in the day and night to insure that you will get the coverage you need.  Installation kits are readily available and the tools required should be found in any tool kit.

Recessed outdoor deck lights will serve two functions.  They will provide illumination and security.  A properly installed system will give you years of satisfaction.  So do your homework, install your Solar deck lights and increase the value of your home.