Change With Renewable Energy

Change, hope, faith….

Words that presidential campaigns use to ride the wave of victory. What are these words, if not backed behind the people that believe them. We are headed down a path of destruction of our environment, of our future children and of ourselves. As a world we need to begin to take the next step to a better tomorrow.


The green revolution.

Making tomorrow cleaner then today, is the goal so our planet will remain beautiful and perhaps even regain some of its past glory. The truth is that we as a race have been selfish. We take what we please from wherever we please with complete disregard for the consequences of our actions. Sure, a lot of the problems we caused were strictly naivety, but if that was just simply true, then why have we not corrected some of these actions ourselves?

What steps have we already taken?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – this mantra has began the reusing of materials to create new items. It is a step in the right direction, however it is needed on a much higher scale. Meaning that everyone anywhere should be responsible.

Researching alternative sources of energies. There are many alternative sources of energy as you can see in advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy. The greater in-depth our research the faster these renewable energies will become viable. I suggest doing some of your own research into what are solar panels.

We have also began efforts in keeping our streets clean as well as regulations on emissions from factories and vehicles.

Whats needed?

We need to step up all of our efforts, and when we do this world will be better for it. Energy friendly appliances and conserving water, gas and any unclean energy we conserve and do not use unless we have to.

I hope my faith in renewable energies causes change.
Solar panels are a great way to help improve your home and a good start for green living.