Designing Solar Energy Efficient Sustainable Homes

With ever increasing environmental awareness people are searching for alternative products and methods that will help keep the earth sustainable for future generations. One of the best ways for an individual to reduce their carbon footprint on the earth is to invest in energy efficient practices in their home and daily lives. In the quest to go green it is time to move a step beyond simply recycling things.

Among the different options available for sustainable home design, a passive solar house is very popular. Using thermal dynamics and sound structural designing it is suitable to all types of climatic conditions. Using a glass wall and other techniques the Solar energy is utilized by the passive solar homes in keeping the interiors cool or warm as required. Glass surfaces can be further shielded from the sunlight by using solar screens. For getting more warmth from the sun’s rays, the house needs to be oriented towards east or west in colder climates.

There are also special blocks called High Thermal Mass that are used as construction material in energy efficient buildings. The effect can be increased by installing insulation between the exterior surface and the wall. Without compromising the looks the environmentally friendly houses can be designed to look the same as popular designs.

There are a wide range of features available for existing homeowners to turn the house into an environmentally friendly one. In this, the heat pump can be used to replace the old furnace and double window panes can be installed to minimize the heat transfer inside. There are many such small tricks that help in turning an existing house into a more energy efficient abode.

Of course, you can also invest in a complete solar power system to save electricity in your home. By combining solar power with other energy reduction techniques you can potentially save enough energy to sell some back to the grid!

For sustainable homes one should also give attention to appliances to ensure to these are Energy Star rated. This will help save up to 30 percent of energy. The standard of National Green Building provides several recommendations to have a green residence that uses energy more efficiently.

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