Few Reasons I Love Solar Energy

Protection of the environment is everybody’s responsibility. We the present stewards hold it in trust for future generations. So that, whatever we do today will affect our children and their children. Development and economic growth have environmental implications.  And under our watch, it is important that we adopt ways that will help protect our environment from bad and harmful elements. One way to contribute to environment protection is to be conscious with how the electricity being used is generated.

Energy-related activities are among the top pollutants of our surroundings. Oil and coal fed power generators emit carbon that contributes to global warming. On a personal level, one can help reduce carbon emission by using clean source of energy such as solar. It is an energy derived from sunlight, a very natural source. An environmental advantage of solar energy is, it does not emit materials harmful to living things and the surroundings. There are solar technologies fit for individual homes that are now available in the market.

Other advantages of solar energy are, it is renewable, its capture for electricity use can be done individually without need of facility and bulky equipment, and it reduces electricity bill. Being renewable and sourced from sunlight, it will be available as long as the sun shines. Unlike fossil oil, it is renewable on a regular basis and exists over an indefinite period of time. And now with the help of technological innovations, solar can be easily captured through the use of solar panels. Solar panels are made up of cells that covert sunlight into electricity.  For houses that are not connected to the grid, solar energy could be a better option.  Another advantage of Solar energy is it reduces bill because sunlight is a free commodity. And in some countries, there is a system where one  can even sell the extra electricity generated from solar.