Fuel Cell Companies and Technology

Many people are looking for alternative modes of power to use in their daily life, in order to cut their fossil fuel emissions in the midst of climate change. Fortunately, there are plenty of viable options for people to choose from, many of which do not cost a lot more if any more money than traditional coal burning electricity options. Fuel cells are a relatively unique technology that is getting rave reviews from users and scientists. There are many fuel cell companies already existing or in development. The products that they offer vary between companies, giving purchasers the freedom to choose the option most suited to their situation.

Using Today’s Technology For A Better Tomorrow

Fuel cell companies have created these unique tools using a variety of different materials. Fuel cells are not biological cells like the ones that make up the human body, but they are made of various technological materials like plastics and metals. A fuel is inputted into the machine, and an oxidizing agent within the cell reacts with the fuel, or reactant. The products of this reaction flow out of the cell to generate power. There are many different combinations of fuels and agents to choose from when designing or using one of these machines. Common choices include hydrogen fuel and an oxygen agent, or a hydrocarbon fuel and alcohol oxidizing agent.

Although fuel cells are not widely used by the average person and many fuel cell companies seem to be in their infancy, this technology is not necessarily new. The principle of these machines was discovered in 1838 by a German researcher named Christian Friedrich Schonbien. He published his findings in magazines, gaining the interest of other scientists, who modified and improved the tool throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Fuel cell research continues to this day. The one of a kind technology exhibited by these cells is a valuable component of the world’s successful energy future.