Heat Your Pool This Summer With Solar Power

This summer, you may want to consider giving you pool a little assistance in staying at a comfortable temperature with a solar pool cover.  A solar cover can increase the water temperature of your swimming pool by about 10-15 degrees.  If you own a pool that is slightly too chilly, a solar pool cover may be your best option.  It allows you to bring the temperature of your pool to a more comfortable level at a reasonable price.  Solar covers remain one of the most cost efficient ways to heat your pool.  Now, if your pools is extremely cold a solar pool cover is not going to help you.  If your pool is sub 60 degrees you may want to consider getting a heater or looking into other heating options.

The Solar Cover Reel From a Distance

Once you have decided to purchase a solar cover you are going to need to think about a couple of things. First, it is important that you choose a solar pool cover that is the correct size.  After all, you do not want to buy a cover that is way too small or too large because it will defeat the purpose and be counter productive.  In my opinion, the oldest and easiest way to go about choosing the correct size, is taking down the dimensions of your pool and bringing it with you to your local pool retailer.  Rather then, sorting through the racks looking for the right cover, simply show an employee at the retailer and let them point you in the right direction.  This will save you a lot of time and energy.  After he or she points you in the right direction you will be able to choose from whatever options they have available.  There are several varieties of solar covers ranging in color and thickness.  Choose the one that suits your needs and be on your way.
After you have chosen a cover you are going to have to think about storage and clean-up.  There are several options available.  One of course, is to do it by hand and simply remove the cover every time you are going to use the pool.  However, this may prove to be too labor intensive for some.  In such cases, you many want to look into purchasing a reel.  This will allow you to reel in the cover when you would like to use the pool and then reel it back out when it is not in use.  These can be a great help in saving time, energy, and space.
I hope this helps you along your way in purchasing solar pool covers.

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