Home Light equals Light Bulb Labeling Modification

Thomas Edison invented his well known and used incandescent light bulb in 1878. His light bulb invention changed how home lighting as well as other locations were lit, both in the United States, and in other countries.

In the United States, consumers may notice when shopping for incandescent light bulbs, that the label on the bulbs tends to emphasize the amount of watts consumed by the bulb when in use, in an attempt to also provide an indication of how much light the light bulb will provide when lit. The information provided on light bulb package labels is being modified. In 2011, light bulb labels will be changed to emphasize lumens instead of watts.

Watts measure the amount of energy consumed by the light bulb when the bulb is illuminated. Lumens measures how much light the light bulb provides.

The number of watts used by the incandescent light bulb gave shoppers some indication as to how bright the incandescent light bulb would shine. The greater the number of watts, the more light the light bulb would provide. Modern energy efficient light bulbs provide more light (lumens), while also using fewer watts. Thus, while a typical 100 watt incandescent light bulb provides 1400 lumens, a typical high energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulb consumes 23 watts while providing 200 more lumens, that is, 1600 lumens. Notice how the high energy efficient light bulb provides 200 more lumens while also utilizing 67 fewer watts. Thus, energy utilization is increased and light output decreased with incandescent light bulbs when compared to comparable energy efficient light bulbs.

Thus, while wattage provided consumers with some indication of how bright an incandescent light would illuminate, it is no longer a particularly helpful measure of light output when used with energy efficient lighting. Utilizing lumens as the unit of measurement for light output is a more accurate measure when lighting home interiors and exteriors.

These types of light blubs can be used to help your home towards Green Energy .

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