Home Solar Power

Most of us now understand that are fossil fuels are depleting and time has come to adopt renewable sources of energy. Of the renewable sources, Solar Power is increasingly getting popular with people. There are quite a few houses in the cities that have opted for home solar power to meet their domestic needs.

Solar power energy is a cleaner source of energy. It derives energy from the Sun and is an inexhaustible source of energy. Home solar power can be used to light the house or heat the water or even the swimming pool. Home solar power certainly helps to reduce electricity bills. A typical solar panel consists of a semiconductor and a silver plate. When the sunlight is incident on the panel, the electrical properties of the material help to convert solar energy into electrical energy. Many people have concerns that since daylight is not available at night, solar power may not be useful at night but in fact these solar panels have a battery back up in which the energy generated is stored and can be even used in the night.

Given the advantages of Home solar power, one would certainly like to go for this technology but the only deterrent is the high installation cost. The initial payback period is high and it is estimated that solar power takes around 15-20 years to produce energy that can pay back its cost. However this should not be the discouraging factor as after the initial investment is recovered, there are no maintenance charges. Also the local authorities and the Government in various countries offer incentives and rebates in order to promote the use of solar power for home. Thus Home solar power can supplement the grid energy for your house and help you to save money and make Earth a better planet to live in.

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