Minka Lavery Outdoor Lighting

Minka Lavery produces some of the most exceptional outdoor lighting fixtures around. Their distinct style combined with a hand finished touch makes Minka Lavery a leader in lighting of all types. Their fixture lines are each given a distinct name, such as “Mossorro Walnut” or “Black Easton”, each having their own distinct color, style and texture. With exquisite finishing touches like clear water glass and decorative hand-finished exteriors, everyone can find a Minka light to match their style and taste. Their outdoor light fixtures come in four types: Pole, Chain-hung, Flush and Wall mounts. Each fixture type comes in a wide selection of distinct Minka styles.

Pole Lights

Minka pole lights look quite similar to street light poles, except that they are scaled down to a more manageable and portable size. One or more light bulbs is encased within a decorative top module, simulating candlelight if used with candle bulbs. Colored or waved glass is used in many of their models to buffer the light for a surreal effect. Most of their pole lights stand around two feet tall, perfect for lighting up an end table. These lights are safe to use outdoors and resist fading and wear. If a classically styled outdoor light fits your taste, a Minka pole light is for you.


Minka chain lights (also called pendant lights) are a great way to defy convention and break free from overused lighting methods. These fixtures hang from a chain connected to a ceiling such as a patio overhang or front-door arch. The power cord travels inconspicuously through the chain to hide the power source. Chain mounts are extremely flexible and can be hung in spontaneous places, such as directly over a table or bordering each side of a door. The chain’s length can be altered to change the height of the mount.

Flush Mounts

The name may be misleading, but a flush mount is simply a light fixture that attaches directly to the ceiling. You commonly see these lights above doorways or patio awnings to light the area beneath. Minka Lavery has a full line of these mounts, including but not limited to the “Segovia Vintage Rust” and “Heritage Newport” lines. These mounts have glass panels on all sides, including the bottom, to allow ample lighting of a large area. Outdoor dining areas are one place where this type of mount really shines through.

Wall Mounts

Perhaps the most commonly used outdoor fixture, the wall mount can be placed anywhere that a vertical wall resides. Wall mounts are used most often as a doorway or entry light. When used as an entry light, visitors are immediately welcomed by the beauty of your Minka Lavery fixture. As with all Minka Lavery outdoor lighting, some electrical work is needed to install a new mount. This job becomes a lot easier if you are replacing an existing mount, as the electrical system is already in place.