Overview of Green and Renewable Energy

In this article we are taking a closer look at what we believe are the most important both renewable energy and green energy sources out there. This is where the focus and innovation should be put if we want to keep the earth in a healthy condition to generations to come in the future. Let’s dig in deeper and see what this is all about.

The Sun

The sun is the source of all the other energy forms we are discussing in this article, so it’s only natural to mention it first. The sun is going to keep shining for millions of years in the future so we can safely label it as renewable. In the last couple of years the technology of photovoltaic cells have blossomed. These are able to produce electrical energy from the photons the sun emits towards the earth.

The Wind

The wind is like we mentioned above energy that comes from the sun. Different temperatures make sure that the wind is always moving particles around in the air. These particles have motional energy. How can we harness this energy? There are many methods for this. One of the most common methods to use this energy is through sailboats, but to get electrical energy out of it we need to use wind turbines. The wind power pros and cons list is still not as economically as we want it to be, but with improved technology and more incentives from the governments, it will soon be.

Waves and Tides

There is a lot of research being done on harnessing the energy from waves and tides. While there is still a lot more work that needs to be done on this area, it looks very promising. Only the future will tell if we have room for such technologies.


Lastly, but still a very important method, is geothermal systems. These require to dig down pipes deep underground to collect the heat that comes from the earth’s center. Read up on geothermal energy pros and cons if you want to learn more

The climate crisis is rapidly getting worse. We need to act as fast as possible to be able to sustain the earth the way it is today for future generations.