Phoenix Solar – “Power Sticker” Can Increase Efficiency Of Solar Panels

Photovoltaics, or the process of converting light into energy, is a huge industry right now. This is primarily because scientist, authorities, and educators see it as the wave of the future and have goals of being able to completely depart from having to use finite resources.

Scientists and researchers in the solar industry literally seem to generate new and improved technologies on a daily basis. Each new technology is increasingly more efficient and more effective. Phoenix solar authorities state that one of the newest and most interesting new developments is a simple sticker that can easily be added to already installed solar panels.

Arizona solar experts are excited about this new find because in tests it has proven to increase the power output of solar panels by approximately 10 percent. Phoenix solar companies state that this could be highly beneficial to individuals who already have solar systems. This “power sticker” is a polymer film that is large and transparent. The sticker is imprinted with cutting edge micro-structures that enhance the efficiency of the solar panels they are applied to.

Phoenix solar authorities state that these stickers do a few things to make solar panels more efficient:

  1. First, they keep light from reflecting or bouncing off of the the surface of solar power systems .
  2. Second, the sticker helps to trap light inside of special semiconducting materials. The materials are then able to absorb light which is converted to power.
  3. Third, the micro-structures in the new stickers can bend and redirect light. This is important because they can bend and redirect light so that it travels along the surface of the special semiconducting materials. Much of the time light passes directly through the semiconducting material, and being able to get light to travel along the material greatly magnifies the chance that more light will be absorbed.

Phoenix solar companies believe that being able to incorporate a product like this into new solar panels would be a huge benefit. In addition to this, Phoenix solar authorities state that being able to boost the efficiency of solar panels that are already installed just by adding a sticker is also a big plus.

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