Solar Batteries are yet another way people are saving some money and helping the environment at the same. They do not need any electrical source to charge as they only use the sun. They maintain their own rechargeable batteries and can be used for your camera, ipod, cell phone, laptop, hearing aids and car battery along with most other commonly used equipment. Solar battery chargers work by collecting the suns rays through a PV solar panel and then transforming the energy into electricity and storing it in batteries.

There is quite a long list of advantages to using renewable forms of energy but we will just look at a few of the benefits of solar power here.

Though coal is a cheap way to generate electricity, it also contributes greatly to the sulfur dioxide in our air as well as to mercury pollution. In contrast, solar energy is very environmentally friendly and does not generate emissions, wastes or byproducts at all. Not to mention, the energy we get from the sun is completely free!

Considering that you can find sun pretty much anywhere in the world (during the day time anyway) a solar battery charger could be a great emergency back up. Most of us have had batteries die at some point when we really needed them and there was no electricity in sight. These work even on cloudy days though it will take it longer to charge.

Solar battery chargers come in many different styles and sizes. Most can be found in 6 and 12volt versions with 5, 10 or 20-watt power film solar panels. These can fold up, don’t weigh much and are great for outdoor activities. There are even DIY instructions that can be found for free on the Internet along with DIY solar panels for home but with so many on the market now it may not be worth your investment of time.

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