Review of Solar Powered Attic Fans

Solar powered attic fans are increasing in popularity. However not many people are familiar about its features. So through this article I hope to share with you some general information about the features of this device that is generally known as solar attic fans. Typically these products are mounted on rooftops and designed to remove humidity and moisture from the attics of homes and buildings. This helps keep the home or building cooler during the summer months and reduce the cost of air conditioning. Thus the main advantage of these device is savings in energy costs and providing a more comfortable atmosphere within attics specifically, and homes in general.

Normally these fans are installed in the highest part of the roof. They have galvanized steel housing with steel flashing. This steel flashing prevents water from seeping in and also helps protect roofing shingles. Overall its installation is designed to look neat and fit well.

There is not much fixing or configuring involved when installing them. They work instantly when the solar panel is attached. The solar panel is not that big and don’t take much space. The size of the panel may vary but no bigger than a panel for a water fountain or garden feature. There is no additional wiring required with most devices you buy, just like a plug and play kind of consumer electronics device. Prices of solar powered attic fans vary from around $200 to $400 depending on the size and wattage. Good brands to checkout when buying them are Honeywell, Rand, and Sunrise Solar.

There are several ways to fix a solar powered attic fan. One way is to use a roof vent and mount the device on the flat top of the vent, on a pitched angle. But the more common way is to mount the frame and flashing flush directly on the roof. Both these ways are good as they don’t attract much attention than a vent for the heating system.

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