Energy has powered civilization for centuries and has made life more productive and comfortable. It cannot be denied that with energy, the world has been a better place to live. It is now unimaginable what the world would be without electricity. However, with the increasing population and developing technologies, the power consumption across the globe has also skyrocketed. This has required the need for burning of more fossil fuel to generate electricity. This poses a problem now because the increasing amount of carbon emission has resulted in a greenhouse effect warming up our planet. This global warming phenomenon has drastically affected our weather system and produced unusual weather conditions.

Because of this, many alternative energy sources have been developed and continuously innovated to provide power to the energy driven civilization. Hydro, geothermal, wind, wave, tidal and Solar energy can now be harnessed effectively. Most of these sustainable sources need to be constructed on strategic places such as large rivers, areas with thermal vents, or on windy terrains. However, solar energy has become the most versatile as solar panels can be installed virtually any areas exposed to sunlight. It is now easy to save money on electricity, as there are other sources that do not require attachment to the home’s electrical system. Many green companies have developed innovative ideas on the most basic equipment in order to help reduce electricity consumption.

Probably one of the most practical breakthroughs is development of solar power. Small-scale solar power systems can be installed in the roofing system of homes and even commercial buildings to generate power to complement electricity from the city’s grid. Larger solar systems can also be constructed on unused lands to produce more power. This can also be connected to the city’s power line so that excess energy produced is not wasted and is routed to the city’s power facility that can then be distributed through the power grid. Households employing this method can even earn a little income according to the excess energy generated.

There have also been many kinds of equipment developed using only solar power to operate such as solar-powered water heater, garden lights and even pond pumps and filters. These are examples of ingenious way of reducing the amount of electrical consumption, as these devices do not need electricity from the home’s electrical system. More importantly, they are an effective way in reducing the need for burning the rapidly depleting fossil fuels.

While other alternative energy sources are still being developed, the campaign for green technology is slowly being accepted by the people. As more companies are developing eco-friendly products, more consumers are becoming aware of the urgent need to help conserve the remaining resources of the planet.

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