Solar Energy and Other Forms of Enegy Is What Makes Change Possible

We use it for pretty much everything we do from moving cars down the road, to boats on the water, to airplanes in the sky, to keeping food cold in the refrigerator to vacuuming the floor.

Energy can be found pretty much everywhere and comes in different forms like light, heat, chemical and motion. Though there are many different forms of energy, it can be put in two different categories. These are potential and kinetic.

Potential energy includes chemical energy, mechanical energy, nuclear energy and gravitational energy. Chemical energy is stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules and batteries, natural gas and coal are some examples of this. Mechanical energy is what’s stored in objects by tension. Rubber bands are an example of stored mechanical energy. Nuclear energy is stored in the nucleus of an atom. Very large amounts of this energy are released when the nuclei are either combined or split. Gravitational energy is the potential energy an object has because of its elevated position. It has energy because of its potential to fall.

Kinetic energy includes radiant energy, thermal energy, motion energy, sound and electrical energy. Radiant energy is electromagnetic energy. It travels in transverse waves and includes light and radio waves. Thermal energy is the vibration and movement of atoms and molecules within a substance. One of these is the geothermal energy that is in the earth and is harvested at sites where volcanic activity is near the earth’s surface. Motion energy is what’s stored in the movement of objects. Wind is one example of motion energy and is used when it’s converted into electricity through the use of a windmill. Sound is the movement of energy through longitudinal waves. Electrical energy comes through tiny charged particles called electrons. Lightning is one example of electrical energy.

A big challenge today regarding energy is to use more renewable energy and depend less on nonrenewable energy (such as fossil fuels) that our country is so dependent on. Some ways we can do that are to use resources like the sun, wind and water. Many people are now using DIY solar panels to deliver electricity to their homes. There are even DIY solar power guides on the Internet that save a lot of money. Wind is providing electricity also and people are learning that water can replace gasoline and diesel through the use of hydrogen converters in their vehicles.

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