Solar Energy Is a Clean Energy Alternative

If you’ve been looking for a clean energy alternative, Solar energy is probably one of the most sustainable renewable energy sources the planet earth will ever have. Solar power can be used to power your home, garden, business, and almost anything else that requires electrical power. There are many devices that are powered by solar power such as watches, lights, cell phones, complete homes, businesses, automobiles and a wide variety of others. The technology behind solar power is becoming so advanced many of the devices that are used to capture this energy source are beginning to become more compact every day.

Solar energy installers can install solar panels or photovoltaic tiles on a home or business providing them the capabilities of capturing solar power. This solar power can then be converted into DC electricity to feed a home; however, this conversion doesn’t stop there. This DC or direct current electricity will need to be processed through an inverter. This inverter then converts the DC electricity to AC or alternating current electricity to power the home or business. Batteries are also attached to this system in order to capture the excess energy that will not be used.

This solar energy that is stored in the batteries will provide energy when the solar panels are not absorbing the sun rays or photons that need to be converted. On a good day, when the batteries are fully charged and the inverter is converting enough energy, the excess power will then be passed through your home or businesses electrical meter and onto the local power grid. Your local electrical company will then provide credits for any excess power you’ve provided to the grid to be used by other consumers. This can be extremely lucrative provided all the needs of you home are being met using renewable energy.

Solar energy installers can install solar power systems that can be used to power almost everything in your home such as your water heater, swimming pool, central heating systems, and other electrical items like toasters, microwaves, and electric coffee makers. Using renewable energy will allow a person to do their part in decreasing their environmental footprint.