Solar energy is steadily becoming more used both for homes and in the industry. We are taking a closer look at what the potential and advantages of using energy from the sun, comparing them to the disadvantages.

Massive Potential

Solar energy is estimated to have a potential of over 7000 times what we need, available all over the earth. There is no doubt that the possibilities for harnessing this energy are interesting.

No Pollution or Emission

One of the biggest advantages with the use of solar energy is that there is no pollution or emission. This is crucial in our planets development towards more environmentally friendly energy solutions to fight the climate crisis

Several Different Uses

The most common way to use solar energy is through heating of a substance e.g. water. This heat energy can be used directly as heated water for e.g. a swimming pool or by a heat exchanger for increasing the temperature in your house. Solar cells have made it electrical generating possible.

In the recent years solar energy for homes has become more popular. There are good reasons for this, one of them being the increasing electricity and energy prices. Solar cells can be very low cost once the initial costs of construction and equipment has been taken care of. The same technology of solar panels can also be used for charging batteries of different devices. A 12 volt solar battery charger can be used for everything from cell phones to your car battery.

The climate crisis is getting worse. There is no doubt that we need all the help we can get from renewable energy sources such as solar energy. The problem with most of these sources is the economy. They are simply not competitive with e.g. oil and gas. We need to help these projects with incentives. Their potential is too