Solar Patio Cover | A Sustainable Patio Idea

You’re searching for a way to create shade for your patio and also produce some energy at the same time.  Now you’re thinking!  You are one of a small, but growing, group of homeowners seeking ways to capitalize on what is essentially ‘wasted’ space – their patio roof.  By using a solar patio cover, you can capture and harness the sun that beats down on that roof, all while enjoying the shaded patio beneath it.

This is a great example of some of the technologies that are making it increasingly possible to get even more enjoyment from our already enjoyable spaces.  A patio is really the full representation of a homeowner’s passions for relaxing or entertaining.  We take great pride in those spaces and are always looking for ways to spend more time outdoors.  Now, you can do just that and feel good about the impact that you are making – or not making in this case – on the planet.

In fact, not only are you making less of an impact, but you are actually giving energy back to the grid in many cases.  Some homeowners choose to utilize the power generated from their patio roof solar panels to run some of the lighting or other features of their patio living environment.  Most, however, have the panels connected back to their local municipal grid system to help offset their energy usage.  With the programs available now, it is simple to have set up and installed in most larger cities.  For a typical patio installation of average size of 300-500 sq. ft. you can expect an energy output of around 250-400kwh.  Not a bad way to use your patio covers and the space that would otherwise go ‘unused’ for the most part.  Yes, the solar patio cover is not going to end the energy crisis that we face, but it will certainly contribute to offsetting the amount of energy we use here and also give you some more money you can invest in your patio accessories.  Not a bad deal at all!,_1998_tornado_outbreak