Solar Watches Amazing Breakthroughs

Solar technology is an amazing breakthrough in itself, and having a solar powered watch is a merge of innovations of the 21st century. The watch charges itself from the sunlight’s energy during daytime, or any other light source, so that it has enough stored power during night time operation. Most of the solar watches models have back up battery where it can always change its power source when ever the solar battery of the watch runs out of power. These solar watches also feature the amazing Waveceptor tools, where the watch can be able to maintain the accuracy of the time of the watch, similar to an atomic clock. Where ever you are in the globe, there is a government station where they hold their own atomic clock, the most accurate clock in the world, and sends accurate time information to every solar time piece in the area of reception. In America, the radio signal of accurate time information comes from Fort Collins, Colorado. Other locations of atomic clock are in Germany, Japan, and many more.

One of the oldest solar powered watches were already manufactured as early as 1970, but were not that appealing to the consumer because of the large solar batteries that were needed to operate them. The watch company Citizen delivered to the market one of the first light weighing solar watch, which they called their Eco-drive watch series. The other watch manufacturers that followed in the production of solar powered watches are the Casio, with their G-shock and Oceanus series, and the Junghans.

The solar panel of  solar watches are usually located in the crystal display. Sunlight and other source of artificial light can provide energy to these solar gadget watches. Some watch manufacturer uses lithium ion rechargeable battery to give the watch enough stored power to run in several months with out any light source.

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