Despite what major advertising would like you to believe, going green does not mean buying a hybrid. A green lifestyle does not require that consumers buy recycled plastic. For that matter, a green lifestyle does not necessarily involve a garden, low-flow appliances, or even diy solar panels. Although these things really are positive steps forward, environmental awareness begins one small change at a time – starting with our very own habits.

Sure, riding the bus may not seem as attractive as going out and buying that new gasoline efficient vehicle, but nobody ever said that living the eco-friendly life was going to be glamorous! There are plenty of ways to use what we currently have to achieve the green dream. For instance, one easy change is to drive less and drive slower – every ten miles per hour over sixty is comparable to adding fifty cents to the price of each gallon of gas.

Replacing major fixtures with water-efficient varieties may not be an economical option for many environmentalists – but everybody can take the initiative to shut off the water while brushing to save up to five gallons a day. Keeping with the topic of water, you may be interested to know that daily showers do nothing to increase health and a proper diet will balance bodily oils to make sure that nobody finds out you skipped!

Going green also requires honing the art of avoidance. Practicing restraint when buying new products is half the battle – finding ways to reuse household junk is the other half. In many cases, the principal of “reduce and reuse” can eliminate many recurring purchases.

Small steps like these will ease the transition to a more sustainable future. Going green starts with you, and your actions can help to influence a whole new generation of responsible, environmentally-minded individuals! Using DIY solar panles is a great start.