The What and Why of Solar Driveway Lights

Solar lights are one of the most popular forms of eco-friendly home improvement options around today.  Not only do they use the sun’s energy to power them, but they are also very inexpensive and easy to install.  This makes them a no-brainer even for the least handy home owner.  One of the newest additions to the solar lighting family is solar driveway lights.

Solar garden light

Solar driveway lights are basically solar powered marker lights that have been upgraded to handle the additional demands that being installed in a driveway demands.  Since they are likely to be stepped on, and even driven over, they need to be both very small and very durable.  Having remote solar panels aren’t really an option either as having external wires can create addition hazards.  This means that their solar panels must be built in to the light itself, be very small and also very durable.  These demands are probably the biggest reason that these lights are so new.

Solar lights have been around in one form or another for quite a few years.  Only recently however has the technology grown to such a point that making smaller and more durable versions, viable for use as driveway lights, was feasible.  Now they are not only being used by home owners to light their driveways, but have been adapted by commercial contractors as well who are hired by local municipalities to install them in public crosswalks.

All in all, these have become very versatile little lights.  I have seen solar driveway lights used not only in driveways, but in patios, along walkways, surrounding pools, and many other applications.  Most models need only to be placed where they are needed and secured with adhesives or screws (depending on the model).  They put out quite a bit of light, and do so very efficiently.  If you take a second to look around your home, you will undoubtedly find an area where these lights would be a welcome addition.

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