Three Simple Tips For Buying An Energy Efficient Window

You can easily reduce the amount of money each month for your energy bills by replacing your windows with energy efficient windows. However, it is important to note that the design and location of your house plays a crucial role in the selection of the windows.

Installation is as equally important as finding the right window. This is because if the window is not installed well, then you will not get the benefits associated with an energy efficient window. Make sure you hire the services of a reputable and experienced contractor to ensure the installation is done professionally.

More and more people are in demand for energy efficient options for their homes and this has led to the increase on the number of contractors offering these services. You can find a contractor with a simple online search or by getting referrals from friends and family on contractors they may have worked with. Outlined below, are some factors that will help you to select the right windows for your home:

1. Glass

The glass on the window plays a major role and determines how much energy you can conserve. Glaze window is suited to regions with cool climate because heat transfer is higher and needs to be retained. You should be ready to pay a slightly higher price for triple pane and double pane windows than single pane windows. Tinted glass should be chosen with caution especially if you have plants in your home which will be affected by a tint that is more than 70/p>

2. Frame

Aluminum is losing its popularity because it is known to conduct heat easily compared to other materials. A composite or fiberglass form will be a better alternative for cold climates because they have better insulation. For regions with higher temperature fluctuation, avoid wooden frames because they will contract and expand.

3. Architectural design

It is important to always keep in mind the design of your home and the size and direction of the windows is equally important. For regions that are hot, they use heavily glazed windows that are facing south to make use of the solar before the cold months. For those in cool regions, pay close attention to windows facing north and shade the tress facing south with porches and trees, to minimize intrusion of sunlight and heat. Avoid tinted and reflective windows for cool climates since they reduce SHGC and ensure more heat in summer and spring.