Using Solar Power In Tucson

Arizona is the ideal place to take advantage of the sun’s energy, and for residents in Tucson solar power can be a great resource, providing a clean, dependable system of renewable energy to power the home. By converting the sun’s radiation into electricity, you can supplement your existing energy system and cut down on your electricity consumption and bills. The process of incorporating solar energy into your home is easier than you might think. However, because solar cells can be expensive to set up, they may be practical only as an additional source of power rather than a total replacement. Understanding the basics of connecting solar power to your property will help you get started.

First, calculate your average daily, monthly, and yearly consumption of energy. You can find this by tracking the rates on your energy bill. Once you have this figure, you will have to count on setting up a system of power that will allow for at least 30% more than your typical usage. Though this article deals with solar power, for most people this means using solar energy in conjunction with typical grid power.

Next, you will have to purchase the to attach to your roof. Fortunately, panels have made significant advances sine they were first introduced. Although there are a wide variety of shingles, sheets, and rolls available, Photovoltaic solar panels are the most effective as well as the cheapest. Single panels should produce at least 250 watts of direct current at its peak; otherwise it will be useless for home use. Also, the goal is to supply at least 5000 watts to your house daily, so the minimum recommendation is to purchase at least 20 panels at 250 watts each. This will reduce your dependency on the power company as well as provide a convenient back up source in case of outages.

To set up your home, there are many helpful resources available online to guide you step-by-step through the process. Tips and tricks will help you maximize the efficiency of the sun’s radiation. You can get a general idea of the initial costs by pricing individual panels and don’t forget to check for government rebates and tax credits to help offset the price. In Tucson solar energy is too abundant to let go to waste.