White Oak Hardwood Flooring: A Traditional Choice

White oak hardwood flooring is a traditional option for flooring when remodeling your home. It is one of the many options when considering a hardwood to add to your home. It is important to determine your budget and desire before committing to hardwood flooring, as it is an expensive, but durable option. Hardwood flooring adds a new level of elegance to any home remodel. White oak flooring is known for its strength and durability and is impermeable to moisture. These qualities in the wood make it a great option for all home flooring needs.

People who consider white oak flooring often find themselves also considering red oak flooring. White oak has many distinct advantages over red oak as far a flooring options. White oak has longer rays in the wood that add to its aesthetic appeal. These thin strips run the length of the board and are generally 3/4 inch thick, whereas red oak rays are shorter and are only 1/2 inch thick. White oak also has more swirls and bores incorporated into the wood which make it beautiful and add variety to the look. White oak is also harder and less porous than red making it easier to care for and keep looking nice. The reason many people are drawn to red oak is the superior natural coloring of red oak. It tends to be a nice reddish brown color that warms up a home nicely as opposed to the dull grayish brown of the white oak. However, this problem is easily rectified when the white oak is stained upon installation. The home buyer can easily pick a stain color that closely mimics the coloring of red oak adding that desired warmth to your home.

White oak hardwood is easy to care for, adding to its appeal. It requires normal cleanings with a mild soap to keep it looking nice on a daily basis. Also it requires resealing once every 4-6 years to maintain the woods integrity and look.

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