Why a Portable Solar Generator is a Great Investment

So, the end of the world has passed again, and it seems like most people have made it through fairly unscathed. However, that does not mean that the world will be free from all emergency situations. The Mayans may have been wrong about the world collapsing and killing all life, but it is true that everyone will find themselves in need of help and proper equipment at some point. Because of this certainty, it is a good idea to begin stocking up on the supplies you would need now while you have the chance to do so without panic. A portable solar generator should be high on your list of needed supplies because it can help in so many situations. It might not be as easy to come by as some bottles of water and canned tuna, but it is a piece of equipment that will be a very good investment. Here are just three reasons for that.poartable_solar_generator_1

It is Portable

If you are going to make the financial investment in a solar generator, it would be smart to make it a poartable solar generator. When disaster strikes and a means of alternate energy is needed, you really don’t have any kidn of certainty that you will be able to stay in your home. If you have a portable form of alternate energy, then you can take it with you on the move wherever you go. These models are lightweight and while they don’t have the exact same capacity as the bigger models, they are fairl comparable. Some people avoid buying these models because they cost more, but when you stop to consider that this investment will mean the ability to have the energy and heat you need no matter where you go, it all seems to even out as far as the cost and benefit ratio go.

It is Great For Camping

Many people do not feel the urge to invest in emergency preparedness equipment because they do not want ot spend money on supplies they don’t know it they will ever really use. When you buy a generator like this, however, you will be able to use it in many different ways. This means that you will be spending your money on something that can help you in apocalyptic ways while still having something you can use for more recreational activities as well. This duality of use is important when you want to invest in something that will be used rather than stored.

It Recharges Quickly

Electricity only works when the generators are running. Batteries only work when they are charged. A portable solar generator, however, can be recharged quickly any time the sun is out. This means that you can use it all day every day, and it will recharge itself during this time so you can continue using it at night. This amazing bit of green technology is amazing and something that can really help you prepare for disaster while still aiding you in your every day life. Very few investments you make will be able to give you all of these benefits with one single purchase.