Wood Burning Stove Are Making A Comeback

Interested homeowners are forced to look at alternative energy ways for heating houses as the constant rise in costs of fuel gives the issue a lot of importance. One of the alternatives that can fit almost any need is the wood burning stove that can give the home the necessary comfort and warmth. It is quite common for people to continue to use their fuel burning furnaces with thermostats set low, and then obtaining the necessary higher temperatures when needed by the use of a wood burning stove. Some wood burning stoves are disadvantageous, but this can easily be overcome with the use of stoves that use a number of fuels. Just as for automobiles which use different fuels, you can also use a number of different fuels when you want to heat your home.

Choices of Fuel

Most wood burning stoves use tinder and wood and with a little care these same stoves can use paper or items made from paper. A multi fuel stove on the other hand is a very rugged appliance and can use a number of fuels to produce the necessary heat. Pellets or corn are commonly used in such stoves, but the other things that can be used include switch grass pellets, pecan shells, pellets, shelled corn, corn cobs, soy beans, chips and logs. You can also get some stoves that are specially designed to use sawdust and this finds great use among workers with wood, as this eliminates a product that would otherwise be just waste, and also helps to save money.

Styles of Stoves

The normal style of a wood burning stove is shaped in cast iron or steel in box shape or round in shape and supported by legs or a pedestal in the center, but you can get other styles that can fit into the decor of the home. A model that looks like a faux fireplace complete with mantels that are elegant and also has wooden surrounds is popular. If you are looking for a style that is more modern you can find stoves that have colored ceramic finishes that give a clean cut look. You can opt for a stove that only burns wood or one that uses a number of fuels, but adding such a stove to your home can add to the ambiance and warmth while reducing costs for heating.

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